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Season 16
Episode 72 - My Ex-Fiancé Beat Me With a Meat Tenderizer, Snapped My Vertebrae and Left Me to Die Episode 74 - My Husband's Religious Beliefs Are Ruining Our Family, and Now CPS Has Our Children. Can We Get Them Back? Episode 77 - Starting Fires, Killing Cats, Torturing Her Brother. ‘I’m Afraid of My 11-Year-Old Daughter’ Episode 79 - Help! My Narcissist Ex Is Abusing My Children and Nobody Believes Me! Episode 80 - Our 15-Year-Old Criminal Daughter Is Ruining Her Life and Our Marriage! Episode 81 - Dr. Phil, You're Our Last Hope; Amazing Stories of Recovery Episode 83 - Spiritual Leader in the Spotlight: Ex-Rabbi Accused Episode 84 - My Daughter Is Being Brainwashed by a Psychic and I Think He Is a Con Artist Episode 85 - Double Trouble Brothers: What Happened to Mike and Matt? Episode 86 - We Believe a Lying, Scheming Con Artist Has Scammed Disaster Relief Donations Episode 87 - 40 Trips to the ER, 27 Doctors, and 50 Christmas Trees. My Daughter Is a Hypochondriac and a Hoarder! Episode 88 - My Mooching Mom Has Cost Me $100K and Needs to Get Out of My House! Episode 89 - Inside the California House of Horrors: 13 Children Allegedly Shackled, Starved and Abused Episode 90 - Critical Crossfire: My Husband's Ex-Wife Accused Me of Poisoning and Kidnapping Her Son Episode 91 - Exclusive: Deadly Michigan Rock Throwing: Parents of One of the Accused Teens Speak Out Episode 92 - I'm in Love with Someone From My Social Media Whom I've Never Met Episode 93 - My First Face-To-Face Meeting with The Girl Who is Obsessed and in Love With Me Online Episode 94 - Accusations of Lies, Child Sex Abuse and Stalking Episode 95 - Shocking Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse: Searching for the Truth Episode 96 - "Help! My 21-Year-Old Daughter is a Homeless Escort Neglecting Her Son" Episode 97 - "My Mom is Delusional! She Thinks She’s Married to Tyler Perry and Has Sent Her Catfish $100,000!" Episode 98 - Two Sisters Confront Their Mom Who Says She’s Married To Tyler Perry: Can Karla Be Convinced She Was Scammed? Episode 99 - “Our Daughter Who We Believe Has Faked Pregnancies and Stolen Money Blames Her Behavior on Having Mental Issues” Episode 100 - The Daughter, The Girlfriend and the Wife: “We Want to Confront The Man in Our Life” Episode 101 - Dennis’ Daughter From a Secret Affair Confronts Him Episode 102 - “Our Daughter is Brainwashed by a Man Who Envisions Himself Being the King of a Commune of Women” Episode 103 - “My Sister Drove From Canada to Mexico Searching for the Ex-Lover She Claims Sends Her Secret Messages via Songs on The Radio” Episode 104 - "My Husband is a Sex Addict and Even Exposed Himself to My Mother. I Need the Whole Truth!" Episode 105 - "I Want My Ex-Husband Out of My Life So My 81-Year-Old Fiancé Can Adopt My Children" Episode 106 - The Valentine's Day Tragedy; Profile Of An Accused School Shooter Episode 107 - Nearly 19 Years After Columbine; Survivors Speak To Parkland Students Episode 108 - "The Homeless Woman We Rescued Reported Us for Child Abuse" Episode 109 - “My Sister is Facing Multiple Felonies and Losing Custody of Her Children, but She Claims She’s the Victim” Episode 110 - “Sexually Abused by My Father, and He Blames Me; Are There More Victims?” Episode 111 - Was Kim Bob’s Only Victim? His Stepdaughter’s Accusation Episode 112 - “Help! My Daughter was Possessed, Had Three Exorcisms, and It is Still Ruining Her Life!” Episode 114 - From Fearless Secret Service Special Agent to Being Trapped in a Troubled Marriage Episode 115 - Anthony Scaramucci and Wife Deidre Reveal How Their Marriage Survived 11 Days in the White House & "My Sister and Her Ex-Husband Need a Referee or Someone is Going to Get Hurt" Episode 116 - "Our Mother is a Gold Digger Who Chose Her Boyfriend over Us" Episode 117 - Our 31-Year-Old Son Is a Violent Mooch and Refuses to Move Out of Our House Episode 118 - We Want to Evict Our Violent Mooching Son; Will Kyle Move Out? Episode 119 - Actor Terry Crews Speaks Out About Fatherhood, Hollywood; The Me Too Movement; My Stalker Ex Hired a Private Investigator To Follow Me Episode 120 - My 16-Year-Old Daughter is Throwing House Parties and Posted a Racist Viral Video. She Got Kicked Out of School and I Kicked Her Out Too! Episode 121 - Demi Lovato: Up Close and Personal Episode 122 - Help, Dr. Phil! My Father Has Extreme Munchausen and It's Destroying the Entire Family Episode 123 - Our 48-Year-Old Son Claims We Fired Him 200 Times, Stole the Family Business and Turned Him Into a Felon Episode 124 - My Wife Claims She Is Allergic to Everything, Including Intimacy With Me! It's Destroying Our Marriage Episode 125 - Our Pregnant Daughter With Dreams of Being Rich and Famous Is Destitute in Las Vegas Episode 126 - Homeless Mom in Vegas: Jessica and Her Backstage Drama and Every Day She's Hustling ... Vivica A. Fox on Love and Life Lessons Learned Episode 127 - SOS! My Beautiful Violinist Daughter Is Living in a Shelter Episode 128 - My Granddaughter Is a Danger to Our Family. Is Her Mom to Blame? Episode 129 - Our Mother Blames Us for Her Being a Violent, Raging Drunk Episode 130 - Cold Case I Didn’t Murder My 15-Year-Old Sister! The False Accusations and Small Town Gossip Haunt Me Episode 131 - My Son Blames His Grandmother's Murder for Him Being a Violent, Neglectful Mooch Episode 132 - When Love Hurts Episode 133 - The Woman Who Adopted Me Just Stole My Baby Episode 134 - I Was Held Hostage by My Narcissist Ex. Now I Want to Help His Fiancee Episode 135 - She Stabbed and Killed the Man Who Claimed to Have Disposed Natalee Hollyway's Episode 136 - My Daughter Abandoned Her Young Children for a Toxic Relationship Episode 137 - My Boyfriend Just Told Me He's Still Married Episode 138 - Should I Leave My Angry, Money-Hungry Husband? Episode 139 - My Wife's Son Can't Function in Society and I'm Ready to Kick Him Out! Episode 140 - Our Daughter Is Starving Herself to Death and It's Killing Our Family Episode 141 - Down to 75 Pounds: Can Jordan Be Saved? Episode 142 - I Wish I Was Never a Mother, but I Have 5 Children Episode 143 - I Shot My Lying, Cheating, Manipulative, Narcissistic, Millionaire Boyfriend, and Now I Want to Marry Him Episode 144 - Accusations of Drugging and Indoctrination: One Man's Days Inside the Controversial Church of Wells Episode 145 - Inside the Church of Wells: One Family's Struggle to Save Their Daughter Episode 146 - "My 15-Year-Old Daughter is a Rich and Spoiled Beverly Hills Brat!" Episode 147 - "I Was in Prison for Reckless Homicide and Now My Sister Needs to Give My Kids Back" Episode 148 - "I’ve Turned My Life Around but My Sister Refuses to Give My Children Back!" Episode 149 - "Blame It on a Religious Upbringing or a Dark Family Secret? My 19-Year-Old Daughter is Living a Dangerous Double Life" Episode 150 - “Love, Hip Hop, And Cyberstalking?” Episode 151 - Millionaire’s Brother Found Liable for the Death of Rebecca Zahau: What Her Family Says Episode 152 - My Destructive and Angry Teen Daughter Blames Me after I Left Her Father for His Best Friend! Episode 153 - My Fiancé is Making Me Choose Between My Identical Twin Sister or Him! Episode 154 - Enough is Enough! My College Dropout Daughter Needs To Grow Up! Episode 155 - My Mom is Out of Control Since Dad Died. She Lost 100 Lbs, Parties, and Plans to Run Away with a Man She’s Never Met Episode 156 - My Out-of-Control Mom Faces Her Online Love: Is She Being Scammed? Episode 157 - Help! Our Bieber-Obsessed Daughter Went From Insta-Famous to Homeless and Hacked Episode 158 - Wife of Man Who Ran Away to Mexico with Teenage Daughter’s Best Friend Speaks Out Episode 160 - I Believe My Son's Bizarre Fiancee Lied About Having a Miscarriage Episode 161 - Jilly Juice Claims to Cure Cancer Regrow Missing Limbs Episode 162 - My Wife Went from Selling Multi-Million Dollar Homes to Selling Cuddles Online Episode 163 - Alaska Comes Clean Episode 164 - The Wife of Serial Killer Shawn Grate Speaks Out Episode 168 - Accused of Faking Multiple Pregnancies and Baby Deaths: The Aftermath Episode 169 - My Out-of-Control 15-Year-Old Son Was Kicked Out of Public, Private and Military School Episode 170 - My 15-Year-Old Daughter Is Facing a Felony Charge for Distributing Child Pornography Episode 171 - I Shot My Abusive Husband in Self-Defense and My Daughter Won't Forgive Me Episode 172 - My Fiance's 8-Year-Old Son Tried to Kill Me Episode 173 - My Husband Blames Me for Blowing His $1 Million Settlemen
Season 17
Episode 1 - Exclusive: The Model, the Hitman and the Victim Episode 2 - If Looks Could Kill: Inside the Model Murder-for-Hire Sting Episode 3 - We're Alcoholics, but We're Great Parents Episode 4 - Mystery at Sea: What Happened to Actress Natalie Wood? Episode 5 - Mystery at Sea: The Captain Speaks, Claims Hollywood Star Natalie Wood's Death Was No Accident Episode 6 - My Perfect Cheerleader Fiancee Is Abusing Me! Episode 7 - Self-Help Author Can't Help Himself: Locked in a Room With Baseball Bats, Afraid of Violent Sons Episode 8 - Deadly Best Friends? Exclusive: Father Whose Son Was Allegedly Murdered by Childhood Friend Speaks Out Episode 9 - My Mother and Sister Poisoned My Daughter Against Me and Now I Refuse to Go to Her Wedding! Episode 10 - My Wife Is Married to Another Man and Now Has a New Boyfriend Episode 11 - Hot Pepper: My Jealous Wife Chased Me Down the Freeway, and Married to Medicine Episode 12 - My Abusive Mother Is a Psychopathic Liar Holding My Younger Siblings Hostage in a Filthy Home Episode 13 - A Daughter Confronts Her Mother About Years of Living in Squalor: Will She Tell the Truth? Episode 14 - It's My Husband's Fault Our Honor Roll Student Is on a Downward Spiral Episode 15 - Arrests, Assaults and Addiction; My Family Needs to Get Over My Past Episode 16 - My Husband Thinks I'm Hacking Our Devices: Help Clear My Name! Episode 17 - Russian Hackers or Lying Wife? Will Jennifer Finally Come Clean? Episode 18 - Once a Hotshot Rapper, Now Homeless, Addicted and Destroying His Family Episode 19 - From Christian Cheerleader to Car-Stealing Criminal: What Happened to Our Daughter? Episode 20 - My Ex-Husband Has Brainwashed Our Child Against Me! Episode 21 - Nanny Tell All: What's Going on Behind Closed Doors? Episode 22 - Nurse Heather: Saving Lives & Slowly Killing Her Own? Episode 23 - Not So Sweet 16 Episode 26 - A Family Claims Their Former Model Daughter Won’t Stop Lying Episode 27 - "Dr. Phil, Can You Save My Marriage?" and "The Dubrows on Diets, Date Nights, And 'OC' Disasters" Episode 28 - Being Gary Busey Episode 29 - Deconstructing Privilege Episode 30 - Evicted and Homeless: My Daughter Is Not Capable of Being a Mother Episode 31 - A Meddling Father-in-Law Who Allegedly Trapped His Son on His Compound Episode 32 - My Mother Is Dating the Man Who Abused My Sister Episode 33 - My African-American Daughter Believes She Is Caucasian Episode 34 - Exclusive: Hawaii Yoga Twin Who Drove Off Cliff With Her Sister Episode 35 - A Therapist Involved in a Money-Laundering Scam Faces Prison Time Episode 36 - Was Our Biological Father Involved in an Adoption Scam? Episode 37 - A Biological Father Accused of an Adoption Scam: The Aftermath Episode 38 - A Woman Claims to Be Pregnant for 3 Years 7 months Episode 39 - The Nanny Accused of a Firefighter Scam Faces Her Victims Episode 40 - Violent Love; A Boyfriend's Confession of Abuse Episode 41 - Lies, Betrayal and Custody: It's Been 2 Years Since We've Seen Our Daughter Episode 42 - From Top Model to Bottom of the Bottle Episode 43 - My Husband Believes I Am a Serial Adulterer, but I Have Never Been Unfaithful Episode 44 - My Sister Is Grooming Her 6-Year-Old Son to Become Transgender Episode 45 - Jersey Shore Mom and Daughter Bring Their Drama to Texas Episode 46 - Arrested for Keying Ex-Boyfriend's Car Episode 47 - Dad Confronts Daughter's Abuser Episode 48 - Witness to Murder Episode 49 - My Husband's Face Has Been Used as Catfish Bait Episode 50 - A Catfish Meets Her Victim Episode 51 - Exes at War: Bruises, CPS Reports, and Allegations of Abuse Episode 52 - Exes at War: Who's Behind the CPS Reports? And Charlamagne Tha God's Blueprint for Beating Fear and Anxiety Episode 53 - Actress Daughter Confronts Hoarder Mother on Eve of Eviction Episode 54 - My Wife Cannot Stop Being Unfaithful and It Is Destroying Our Family Episode 55 - Bad Parenting or Bad Teen? Who's Really to Blame? Episode 56 - Dr. Phil: Should I Divorce My Narcissistic, Angry Husband? Episode 57 - Unmasked but Still Unhappy Episode 58 - My Husband Butt-Dialed Me and Unknowingly Revealed He Blew His Secret Inheritance Episode 59 - Our Lying Daughter Would Rather Live in a Car Than With Her Own Child Episode 60 - My Cat-Hoarding Obsession Is Ruining My Marriage Episode 61 - 12 Kids, One on the Way and Too Many Problems Episode 62 - A Teen Obsessed With Beauty and Perfection Episode 63 - Beautiful Disaster? Episode 64 - Accusations of Trespassing, Stalking and Lies: Twin Daughters Caught in the Middle Episode 65 - My 14-Year-Old Son Is Accused of Killing His Siblings; Up and Vanished: Where Is Kristal Reisinger? Episode 66 - 200 Police Calls: Who's the Problem: Partying Teen or Attention-Seeking Mom? Episode 67 - A Member of My Secret Facebook Group Got Me Fired. I'm Afraid She's Stalking Me Episode 68 - Scott Peterson's Sister-in-Law: Scott Is Innocent Episode 69 - Husband, Father, Murderer: Inside the Chris Watts Case Episode 70 - Missing: Where Is Corinna Slusser?; Girls Gone Update: Ebby Found Episode 71 - Controversial Parenting Gone Viral Episode 72 - From Disney Star to Homeless and in Danger: Will Orlando Brown Accept Life-Saving Treatment? Episode 73 - The Incomparable Kathy Bates Episode 74 - I Am Not Mentally Ill But I Am the Reincarnation of Pocahontas Episode 75 - I Believe I'm Being Electronically Harassed and Tricked Into Seeing Aliens! Episode 76 - Teenage Brides and Horrific Abuse: Escaping the Secret Life of Polygamy Episode 77 - A Secret Revealed; My Sister-in-Law Is a Danger to Her Son Episode 78 - Tales of Deception and Terror: Virtual Kidnapping; A Deadly Love Scam, Deceit and Dirty John Episode 79 - My Lazy Son Has No Empathy for My Cancer; My Mom Acts Like My Sister and Not My Mother Episode 80 - What Happened to the Bakersfield 3? Episode 85 - My Grandson's Father Nearly Killed Us and His Mother Is Battling Us in Court Episode 86 - My Son Lost $60,000 Gambling From My Basement and Now Can't Raise His Children! Episode 87 - Please Convince My Daughter She Has an Eating Disorder Episode 88 - My Husband Told My Best Friend I Was Dying and Asked Her to Marry Him Episode 90 - Criminal Love: Why Women Date Inmates Episode 93 - The Boy Under the Stairs: Hero Siblings Speak Out Episode 95 - Our Lying Ex-Boyfriend Is the Next Dirty John Episode 96 - More Ex-Girlfriends Confront Accused Con Man Erik Episode 97 - The BTK Killer's Daughter Speaks Out and The Mysterious Case of Crystal Rogers Episode 98 - My Fiance Believes He's a Superhero Episode 101 - Destoni's Drama: Will She Accept Help? Episode 102 - Our Mother Is a Manipulator Who Abandoned Us as Children Episode 103 - From Physician Assistant to Living in Her Truck With Foreign Accent Syndrome Episode 104 - An Unspeakable Accusation: My Daughter Believes I Molested My Granddaughter Episode 105 - My Ex Is Trying to Erase Me From My Children's Lives Episode 106 - An Estranged Father Finally Confronts His Children Episode 107 - Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.? Episode 108 - Insta-Famous to Insta-Lonely Episode 109 - Held Captive, Drugged and Abused by My Own Father Episode 110 - Edge of Insanity: I Believe I Have a Second Schizophrenic Child Episode 111 - A Second Schizophrenic Child or a Misdiagnosing Mom: Can Bodhi Be Helped? Episode 112 - Controversy Over Hate Crime Hoaxes Episode 113 - The Most Enabling Mother in America? Episode 114 - Sex Trafficking Survivor Demands Answers From Her Therapist Mother Episode 115 - Reunion Gone Wrong? Episode 116 - Exclusive: Chris Watts' Full Confession. His Daughter's Final Words Episode 117 - Save My Beautiful Daughters From Their Narcissistic Father Episode 118 - The One Who Survived Episode 120 - Exclusive: Grieving Parents React To Chris Watts Confession Episode 121 - I Swiped Right on My Quadriplegic Boyfriend

Dr. Phil

Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .


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